Tipping – It’s out of hand….

I went into a convenience store the other day – there was a tip jar next to the register. I didn’t tip. I felt offended. I ordered a black coffee at starbucks – she filled it up and it took two seconds, but I felt guilty for not tipping, but I didn’t tip. I bought a take out lunch and ignored the tip jar. I went to a little restaurant and ordered food to go but didn’t tip the owner when I paid for it. I ordered a pizza and picked it up and looked at the tip jar and felt guilty but still didn’t tip. I bought a meal to go that said it was $6 and was charged $7.99 so I didn’t tip because I was a bit peeved at being charged $2 more than the posted price plus tax.

I’m sick of fucking tipping. Should I tip the mailman? Should I tip the landlord? Should I tip the cable guy? Fuck tipping.

And I’m not just some guy saying that – I’m a tour guide – tips make up about 1/3 of my pay. Today, I took a mother and son on an 8 hour tour and at the end, I got the dreaded “Man, wish I had your job -“ along with a handshake, no tip. I either didn’t earn the tip or the guy just didn’t want to spend his money paying my salary…and frankly, they had already paid $500 for the trip – not to me, mind you – but to the company I work for. The company doesn’t include tips because people shop for bargain prices and an extra $50-$100 would lose customers…but I say fuck it. It was his right to not tip. I’m not too bitter about it. Yes, it hurts a bit. It would hurt less if there was a guaranteed tip in my wages.

Tips should be included in the price. That’s my thought on it.

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  1. The tip cup thing has been out of control for 20 years now. I used to go to a self serve frozen yogurt place that had a tip cup at the cash register. Seriously? You want me to tip YOU for making MY own yogurt sundae? Wtf. I tip well if a person is waiting on me, or going the extra mile to make sure i have an enhanced customer service experience. But, im not tipping anyone who is just taking my cash at the register.

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