The Gradual Dismantling of Democracy

The first 50 days of President Il Douche have been somewhat of a relief – which is a bit strange to say, but there it is. My worst fears had been a sort of blitzkrieg against everything that our country stands for – using the National Guard against civilian targets, the setting up of internment … Continue reading “The Gradual Dismantling of Democracy”

The first 50 days of President Il Douche have been somewhat of a relief – which is a bit strange to say, but there it is. My worst fears had been a sort of blitzkrieg against everything that our country stands for – using the National Guard against civilian targets, the setting up of internment camps, the rounding up of political enemies, and the seizing of assets based on religion, ethnicity, or politics. Yes, steps have been taken by the administration in all of these directions but the safeguards put in place by the founding fathers and later generations have proved to be a buffer, not an insurmountable buffer, but one that has prevented the instant consolidation of power and allows time for resistance to be organized. All of that being said – the American experiment in democracy is being dismantled albeit at a gradual rate. There has been no grand awakening of enlightenment among the new administration, no sudden revelation of truth, justice, and the American way. In many ways, it has proved itself to be worse than even the most pessimistic among us feared – but the slowdown has been such a relief. The appointments and nominations were not rubber stamped, the initial travel ban was challenged and shut down, the follow up ban continues to be challenged, protections for LGBT, children, and immigrants have been weakened but not wiped away- yet. In my worst fears, things would already be much worse than they are – but of course they are actually very very bad. The most powerful position in the world is occupied by a narcissistic liar who deflects legitimate concerns about the integrity of his person or his government with manufactured conspiracy theories – we have still not seen his taxes or income and probably never will, the ties between Russia and his administration (and himself personally) run deep – deep enough that it is not inconceivable that he is bought and paid for by Russian oil money, each potential scandal surrounding him seems to be met with a manufactured conspiracy from the Russian controlled wikileaks, or a made-up story taken directly from talk radio. It seems clear to me that while we are distracted by the absurd headline grabbing stories, the safeguards of democracy are being dismantled behind our backs. If you think about it, the US with it’s drone like workforce and population enslaved by debt is an income generating machine – if you were to think of it as a company (which the current administration certainly does) you would work at weakening unions and collective bargaining power, decreasing pay and benefits, and increasing output. If we were to look at the current administration as a hostile takeover by corporate raiders, the next step is asset stripping to pay back the debts incurred by the hostile takeover. I believe that we can expect to see legislation which enables the following – maximizing debt for corporate projects (i.e. huge infrastructure projects, increased military spending, privatization of government funded institutions), defunding of institutions designed to protect citizens from corporate greed, selling off of assets to administration-friendly corporations at a loss, and a softer position internationally against our own interest but in the favor of Russian interests. The wealth of those associated with the administration will soar, the chains of debt for the rest of us will be strengthened. I believe we will see credit requirements eased but exit strategies from that debt tightened. Bankruptcy, which has allowed the administration’s CEO to get to where he is, might be a thing that is no longer allowed below a certain level. Time will tell. In any event, I don’t think that things are looking good for anyone who is not already in the top 10%.

Il Douche Under Seige – I Don’t Believe It

The headlines read like the end of Il Douche’s presidency is imminent – I don’t buy it for a second. Yes, there are obviously problems and they are big ones, but here’s the thing – if I were in his position, these are exactly the types of headlines I would want to be seeing as I worked on pushing through my agenda in the back room where no one would be paying attention. Maybe I’m giving him and Bannon too much credit – but I don’t believe it was luck that landed them in the White House – it was thinking like no one expected them to think.

If you are being attacked from all sides – projecting weakness causes your enemies to underestimate your defenses which can turn the tide of battle. The travel ban and the confirmation hearings have looked like false flags to me from the beginning – all the executive orders have been trial balloons. And now this bizarre news conference and more. Actually, maybe it is the beginning of the end…but I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Is No News Good News….? News Addiction.

I confess to having an unhealthy addiction to news of this circus side show that used to be the United States. The first two weeks of watching Il Douche firebomb our constitution, our way of life, our government – was like watching an old fashioned horror movie – the dread, the shock, the feeling of despair rising from the pit of the stomach – but of course, it was much worse than that. The redistribution of power, the denigrating of the institutions which have kept us safe from dictators and the power-hungry, the blatant disrespect for the truth and for our collective intelligence. If you’ve been watching and paying attention, I don’t need to go on – if you disagree with what I’ve written above, there is no need to try to convince you – it won’t work and it’s not why I’m writing.

I read a word the other day that was new to me, but which needed no defining: outrage-fatigue. Two weeks in, it was clear that it was happening and it also seems clear that it was happening b intent. Completely blow our minds in the first two weeks and then tone it down a notch and let everyone breathe a sigh of relief and say ‘Ah, that’s better’ even though it’s not – it’s just the difference between Jerry Springer and old school Geraldo – so the outrage fatigue plan seems to be working – my Facebook feed is no longer all politics all the time – even though the things still happening would have been huge headline news during any other administration.

So, we have all gotten a little numb to the outrageous coming from the Republican mainstream and the Il Douche camp. It’s not as shocking as it was before when they blatantly lie, violate the constitution, or use tactics that go against the very idea of who we are as a people. And – and this is a big and – they have intentionally toned it down. They have stopped throwing gasoline on the flames and as a result – stopped making huge headlines….and that’s a good thing, right?

I’m not so sure. No news is not really good news. Just because your electricity bill doesn’t make it to you, doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay it. The power will still get shut off if you don’t take care of it. The bill is still there and it still must be paid. The Republican party and the cronies of Il Douche (and Il Douche himself) have already revealed a strong penchant for lying to the American people, for concealing the truth, for obstructing the way we process things, and for working for the highest bidder regardless of what is good for the United States. They have cheated on us in broad daylight, on camera, in front of reputable witnesses, before the world – and then denied the truth of the evidence and told us that we are overreacting. They have lied without a shred of decency or the barest attempt to even hide that they are lying. They have shown their contempt and hatred for the media and the freedom of the press and journalistic integrity – they have clearly demonstrated that they will use bribery and intimidation and lies to suppress stories about who they are and what they are doing. This is the wealthiest and most corrupt government in the history of our country and they have no compunction about using every tool within their reach to increase their power and wealth.

So, back to the title “No News is Good News” – I admit my news addiction but I can’t close my eyes to what is happening in this country. I woke this morning and scanned the headlines and found nothing that set me on fire – partly because of outrage fatigue, partly because of a newfound numbness at what the Republican senators, representatives, and administration are willing to do to increase their power – but under all of that – what I realize is that the power bill is coming. We may not be seeing the bill and we may not be seeing the machinations of this hideous beast – but the bill is coming and it’s addressed to the American people – we will have to pay it or we are going to have our power shut off.