Bush and His Filing Cabinet

Bush and His Cabinet

Two-thirds of Americans said in polling this past week that they are uneasy about his ideas for Social Security. Acknowledging that many are wary of the stock market, Bush suggested they could invest in Treasury bonds.

The Democratic National Committee said, “If that performance was supposed to put Bush’s second term back on track, Americans are in for three-and-a-half years of great storytelling, but no real solutions to their problems. The president contradicted himself calling the bonds in Social Security worthless IOUs in a filing cabinet, but then referred to the same bonds in private accounts as backed by the full faith of the American government.”

Secret of ageing no longer a secret

LONDON: Scientists have managed to stave off the ageing process in mice, a discovery that might pave the way to longer, healthier living in humans too.

Experiments at the US-based Washington University School of Medicine showed that protecting the body of mice against highly reactive chemicals called free radicals long suspected as a cause of ageing gave them longer lives, reports the Scottish daily Scotsman.

Mice given higher levels of an enzyme that breaks down free radicals had about a 20 percent increase in their average and maximum lifespan, about four and a half months.

They also had healthier hearts than other mice.

The experiments suggest that people could live longer and be free from many age-related diseases if they were protected from free radicals.

“This study is very supportive of the free radical theory of ageing. It shows the significance of …more>>