I am fortunate enough to have a glass of this fine wine in front of me. The unfortunate part is that the wonderful lady who sent me the bottle is far away. Still, I raise my glass to her, enjoying the fine bouquet of this wine…and await the next Seduction she brings to me…..

THIS WEEK IN WINE: Seduction sets its sights on female wine drinkers
As I recall, “The Story of O” is a seriously sensual novel. Erotic but somehow tasteful.

Seduction, O’Brien Cellars, Napa, 2003, about $28

I am woman, hear me pour: Seduction has an intense vanilla, blackberry and eucalyptus fragrance, a provocative middle palate of chocolate, mocha and plum and a long, silken finish.

SERVE WITH: Carnal concoctions; prime ribs of beef, filet mignon, soft ripened cheeses.

AVAILABLE: Wolverine Market, Port Huron; Gibb’s #2, Detroit and Market Square, Birmingham

This time, the “O” stands for O’Brien, and it perches prominently on the label of Seduction, Barton O’Brien’s breakaway Bordeaux-style blend. It is, O’Brien maintains, the first wine that’s been marketed directly towards women.

Wrapped in a translucent organza garment, the bottle contains a fleshy fusion of cabernet and merlot that is both erotic and tasteful.

O’Brien is a droll Irish-American, a former software developer who conceived of Seduction while listening to his wife explain why she and her girlfriends choose a particular wine. For women, he deduced, wine is an accessory for emotional moments, something to be shared and savored, but not obsessed over. Women crave company, and wine is an e

FuknBooks: The Future is Kinetic


Hey, you know, it’s not much, but I think my used book site is pretty cool. The books are cheap, they’re interesting, the rabbits are cute and yet suggestive. The funny thing is I’ve been pulling some of my books off the site and selling them on ebay. Mostly the books I just don’t want, I usually have them listed for $1- $5. On ebay I’ve been getting $10-$30. Even after paying ebay, I’m doing better than selling at fuknbooks. The funny thing is though…it’s much more satisfying when someone buys a book directly from me. So I imagine I will keep doing it.
FuknBooks: The Future is Kinetic