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Hey, you know, it’s not much, but I think my used book site is pretty cool. The books are cheap, they’re interesting, the rabbits are cute and yet suggestive. The funny thing is I’ve been pulling some of my books off the site and selling them on ebay. Mostly the books I just don’t want, I usually have them listed for $1- $5. On ebay I’ve been getting $10-$30. Even after paying ebay, I’m doing better than selling at fuknbooks. The funny thing is though…it’s much more satisfying when someone buys a book directly from me. So I imagine I will keep doing it.
FuknBooks: The Future is Kinetic

Drug Granny in Kalihi

drug granny

Police arrested yet another drug-dealing grandmother Wednesday morning on Oahu. this time a Kalihi woman selling crystal methamphetamine, or ice, out of her daughter’s apartment, where her five grandchildren live, police said.

Resident’s expressed no shock.

“Shocking? No. We’re kind of use to it already,” resident Nalo Cabuyaban said.

Senior citizen drug lords are not new in Hawaii where hard core Granny’s run all sorts of family business’s. The granny’s or Tutu’s usually control the purse strings in any family business. As one resident stated ” She’s just making sure that the money gets used to take care of them kids.”

About 25 police officers stormed the home early Wednesday morning. They found six adults and five children, ages 1 to 11.

Police arrested all of the adults on drug charges and child Protective Services took custody of the children.

“This place always get a lot of people come any hour of the night. Doesn’t surprise me,” Cabuyaban said.

Granny Avilla said she didn’t know why she was being arrested.