The Great and Terrible Machine of Human Civilization

We, as a species, have built a great and terrible machine. It is a planetary behemoth which uses everything in its reach to make itself more great and, sadly, more terrible. I do not believe that the terrible part is an intentional design – for the most part – though there are some who at … Continue reading “The Great and Terrible Machine of Human Civilization”

We, as a species, have built a great and terrible machine. It is a planetary behemoth which uses everything in its reach to make itself more great and, sadly, more terrible. I do not believe that the terrible part is an intentional design – for the most part – though there are some who at times wield great influence over the machine with intent that can be characterized as nothing but evil. Of course, evil must be defined. In this case, it will suffice to be defined as hatred or malice against the innocent; working towards the destruction, suffering, or eradication of entire populations. That is evil. The machine has also been, on occaision, been harnessed and directed toward good – the oppossite of evil. Good is the uplifting, relief, and protection of the entire population – as a whole. Good benefits all of humanity. Evil benefits only a select group at the expense of the rest. These are the definitions of good, evil, and the definition of the machine is simply the totality of human civilization as it exists at any point in time.

I do not think we can smash the machine, I do not think we can destroy the machine, I do not think we can be rid of the machine. The only way to do so would be to eradicate our species from the universe. We are a social species and so long as there are three humans there will be a machine. If there are less than three humans, our species is eradicated.

The machine is broken. It is badly broken. The chain of human events which have led to the current incarnation of the humanity machine are immutable. We cannot change the events of the past. At the moment, the machine propogates evil intent by placing maximum conditioning and stressors upon as many individuals as possible. For example, a man works to fuel the machine. In return, he is rewarded with the means to fulfill his needs. The same is true of woman. The joining together of man and woman should create an excess of resources and reduce the need to work but the machine does not benefit from leisure time. The machine benefits from maximum output from every individual, so it raises the cost of fulfillment while reducing the benefit of work. If the man and woman have a child, the cost of fulfillment is more than tripled and by necessity the man and woman must each work longer hours while the child must be cared for – the machine offers school – an indoctrination and worker training program. School allows the man and woman to work longer hours and gives the machine the chance to prepare and condition new workers. After school childcare is a means to keep workers working and create work for new workers. The machines demands production and for those who chose not to produce, the result is punishment in the form of homelessness, incarceration, no health care, and ultimately death.

Once you become aware of the machine, despair can easily set in. When you see the machine, you see how futile is our existance. What reason to live, work, rear children, save, and die? None. Only the machine. The machine does not love you, the machine does not care about you or your future, the machine does not respect you. You are nothing to the machine. You will disappear and there will be no memory of you. You do not matter. Nothing you do matters. You are only fuel and replacable fuel at that.

You cannot drop out of the machine. You cannot escape from the machine or opt-out of the machine. The machine owns you and controls you – you and every other human being on planet earth. The machine has billions of back up systems just like you and more are being made, conditioned, and prepared every second.

I’m a Dam Idiot – Really, it’s my ancestry

We always had stories about Native American ancestors and suspiciouns about some Asian ancestors and a lot of other stories in our family. My surname was always a bit of a mystery – it sounded Italian but we were told we were French German on that side. So, recently, I got a genetic test done to see. It turns out that we’re white people through and through. My DNA test showed that my heritage is roughly 50% Scotch/Irish/Welsh and 47% French German with about 1% English 1% Greek/Italian and .5% Eastern European and .5% Iberian (Spanish,Portuguese). The genetic test also came back and said there was a very high probablility that my ancestors were among the first European colonists to North America. It was all pretty interesting so I took a free membership the ancestry site and did some late night digging. I found some interesting brances of the family. My 4th great grandmother was the sister of Daniel Boone the great frontiersman. And, from many sides, my family had indeed come to North America with the earliest colonists – even on one of the most famous ships of them all the Mayflower. There were many prominent great uncles and such- but honestly, no real stand out historical direct ancestors. On my maternal grandmothers side there was more of that as well as a lot of McLeods, McDonalds, and McKinnons. And of course, following my name back was the most interesting. The Damitios came from France to the United States in the early-mid 1800s and always kept going west. They were probably trying to get away from the memory of what their name had once been – but even here in Hawaii – as far west as I can go – the origin of the name has finally caught up with me. Tracing the name back to the mid 1500s in Alsace-Lorraine in modern day France, I find the earliest ancestor with my name – well, the earlier version of it – Nicolas Damitio didn’t spell it the way his descendents did – back then and for a couple of generations following – our proud name was spelled in a more descriptive way. Damidiot. Yeah, I’m a dam idiot. I’m descended from dam idiots. It all makes sense now. So, let me summarize – I am a white dam idiot. If I didn’t already have a child who shares my name, I would probably consider changing it to something like Darndummy or Dangfool or maybe just Nincompoop. I’ve tried to look into the origin of the Damidiot name, but it seems that my ancestors were at least smart enough to change it and try leaving it behind – not so me, however. I’ve pulled it right back out into the daylight. Chris Dam Idiot.

Thank You For Your Service – A Post 9-11 Lip Service

Larry David just did an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm titled Thank You For Your Service. He touched on something that has bothered me for a while now. First of all, I’m a vet. I served honorably in the US Marine Corps during wartime, earned a couple of ribbons and medals, and got an honorable discharge. I have people thank me for my service all the time and though it’s appreciated, it’s a little on the embarrassing side. It was a job, I signed up for it, did the best I could, and definitely got some benefit out of it. I don’t thank random doctors “Thank you for healing people” or lawyers “Thank you for defending people” or builders “Thank you for building things” or factory workers “Thank you for making things” or city workers “Thank you for keeping the sewage lines flowing” – I probably should, but usually don’t. None of us do. In fact, I don’t remember a single person ever thanking me for my service before 9-11. I also don’t remember so many American flags flying around mindlessly before 9-11 and I don’t remember people giving a shit about whether athletes or anyone else stood during the National Antherm. In fact, I don’t remember any of this patriotic bullshit going on before. And, I think it is bullshit. Want to be a patriot? Put your flags and your lip service and your irate anger over civilians worshipping the country away. Patriots put their lives where there mouths are. Patriots don’t need to be thanked. Patriots live the ideals of their nation.

“We hold these truths to be self evident – that all men are created equal.”
“Inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”

I could go on, but do I need to? There are veterans living on the streets – some homeless, many suffering from PTSD and alcohol or drug abuse. We have a country that clearly judges people differently based on the color of their skin or their economic caste. We have a financial dictatorship which enslaves people and prevents them from living as they go from work to sleep and sleep to work. We have a military which has been waging war to make oil companies and arms manufacturers wealthy while American infrastructure, schools, and social services have gone to shit. We have a fucked system run by billionaires who are using the trappings of patriotism to make themselves richer while the blood of our patriots is spilled in Niger, Afghanstan, Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere. None of these wars have made the lives of regular Americans better. They have created enemies, they have killed innocents, and they have sacrificed our patriotic youth to enrich these disgusting creatures who sit at the top of the American financial system.

Do you want to thank our veterans for their service? Think of a better way than with empty words that enrich heartless corporations which cannot and will not ever understand what the word patriot means.

Homeless People Living Like Pigs in Hawai’i

I have as much compassion and understanding for homeless people as anyone, but one thing bothers me. Why do they have to live like fucking pigs? Why is it that they have to have shit scattered all over an acre of park or abandoned land? I respect the ones who build tidy little shelters, clean up after themselves, take care of basic hygiene (because, come on, we have free showers and public restrooms in Hawaii and if you simply keep yourself clean looking, maybe wash your clothes once in a while, you can be a fucking tourist and people won’t bother you), and don’t destroy or possibly (big fucking gasp) actually improve the land they are living on. But no, they won’t find a dumpster, they drag shittons of rubbish to wherever they stay and strew it around like they are four year olds and not responsible for cleaning up their own messes. If they are crazy, they should be institutionalized. If they are sick or drug addicted, they should be put in a place where they can get medical help. If they are simply poor and not cleaning up after themselves, actually, fuck them. Just because you are poor doesn’t mean you get to be a fucking pig on public lands. I’m not allowed to litter and no one else should be allowed to either. They should get tickets, and then if they don’t take care of the tickets they should get warrants, and if they need to be arrested and given a psych evaluation they should get that and then they should either be institutionalized, forced into community service, or at the bare minimum put through a ‘clean up after your self bootcamp’ where they get taught how to wash, clean up their messes, and practice basic sanitation.

The Untenable Nature of Our Current Civilization

Consider the untenable nature of our current civilization. Perhaps the most amazing thing about our current world civilization is the fact that it does not crash. This ridiculous house of cards seemingly only held together by brain washing and threats of force. An arrangement which benefits an extreme minority and disadvantages the extreme majority. How in the world is our current system still standing? Why have the common people not risen up and destroyed it or at the very least demanded something more favorable? The answer, is democracy. I’m not saying that democracy is good, far from it, I’m saying that democracy allows the control of the masses. We all know that politicians lie and that campaign promises are rarely kept, and yet we continue to extend our votes and our trust and our hope …and to be disappointed. Meanwhile, the engineers of this system continue to fine tune their control through distraction, stress, and misinformation. The dissemination of information, the requirements of capital, and the politics of voting – all of these are distractions from the true issue. We are not being allowed to live the lives we were born to live. Were you born to commute? Were you born to have a job that doesn’t fulfill you? And even if you have a job you love and a commute you enjoy – were you born to fill out forms for health insurance and continually worry about things which have nothing to do with the veracity of your existance?

Historical Bullshit

I’m a tour guide and an archaeologist – so I shouldn’t be saying this, but frankly, I’m more qualified to say it than most. Here goes: Historical preservation is bullshit.

Here is my thinking – if I find the bones of a dead person in Hawaii, that area is protected and if there are some important artifacts they are protected and preserved – which usually means boxed up and put in the attic of some museum or archaeology firm at great cost and with great care – even if there are millions of similar finds and the liklihood of learning anything new from these finds approaches zero. Meanwhile there are literally thousands of living people within several miles of me who are homeless, mentally ill, addicted to drugs, living in abject poverty, and suffering hugely. Also within miles of me is a huge expanse of land which was bombed by the Japanese nearly 70 years ago – the government has spent hundreds of billions of dollars to preserve this site, to buy ships and aircraft, to renovate it, to staff it, to provide security for it, and more. Seriously, hundreds of billions of dollars and that is complete fucking bullshit. Every day more and more sites get historical protection and the cost of real estate goes further out of reach of the majority of people who are alive. We protect the trash of people who died a hundred years ago more than we protect our children and their future.

History is great. We should take pictures, write books, and take important samples. This obscene fetishism our society pours on it, however, is complete and total bullshit. Not only are we promoting a vile form of disgusting nationalism, we are glorifying warfare and carnage, we are perpetuating the worst humanity has to offer. We are spending hundreds of billions of dollars to do it while arts and science and literacy programs are being defunded. We have a bullshit airplane museum AND a bullshit homeless problem which could easily be solved with less than a third of the funds thrown at airplanes that no longer fly.