Seasonal Affective Disorder

I’m pretty sure that’s a big part of what all of my negativity is. Although the torture of living in a town where I have to drive by a chainsaw statue of Trump in three different directions where the average age is 64 might be a part of it too. Either way, this winter has been brutal on the psyche. I need sunshine – sustained and never ending blue skies. I need to see signs of intelligent thought. I obviously need a vacation…it’s just not the sort of thing that gets handed out to people like me.

The Boomers

This afternoon, I had two baby boomer couples come in – they were wearing their Harley Davidson leathers and made it known right away that they had downsized from their big lifestyle and were no longer buyers…just browsing…they told me about how fucked up their kids had been before they sacrificed their precious adult lives to save the kids – by parking their RV in the kids driveway for a year without paying rent and helping them straighten their lives out and then moving on with no restrictions. These kind, loving, parents, who had no complicity in their children’s fucked upness – gave up some of their retirement time to help their children and grandchildren….

It’s why I can’t do this work anymore. Sitting behind a counter waiting to get paid for my merchandise and listening to this generation of selfish bullshit pukes spewing their own praise. Oh, you poor baby boomers with such fucked up children…and no responsibility for your children’s lives being fucked up.

Fuck you. You made the lives your children live. You are responsible. You created this mess. I wish I could puke on your face.

The Shadow President

If I were the shadow president or the country that had blackmail material and had handed the presidency to the president, I would want the narrative that the media is playing right now. The shadow president is being portrayed as an outsider with no power or influence and the Russians are being portrayed as enemies…for the white house – this seems incredibly convenient. For the shadow government and the shadow president, it seems prudent.

We should call it April Critical Thinkers Day….

April Fools Day is only funny or interesting in a world where the baseline intelligence isn’t that of a moron. Since the baseline intelligence is moronic (at least in the US where ‘the majority’ elected a billionaire liar as a populist reformer) we should call it something else …maybe April Genius Day or April Critical Thinkers Day or possibly even April Moderately Intelligent Day …and the big joke could be that we all act like we have the ability to pay attention for more than a soundbite or maybe we all read a whole chapter from a book that isn’t about vampires…

The Indignity of Being Forced to Tell Lies

If there is one thing I have always resented about the culture I live in, it is the indignity of being forced to tell lies. But wait, no one forces you to lie…no, but try telling everyone the truth for a few days and see how far it gets you. We lie about who we are, what we like, how we feel about our jobs, how we feel about our neighbors or relatives or coworkers and more. It’s no wonder that we’ve put the biggest liar in charge.

Sometimes it feels damn good to tell someone “I just don’t like you” – and it’s good for that person too because then they know and they have to deal with the fact you don’t like them. But most of us can’t do that for one reason or another. Mostly though, we lie for money. To make the sale, get the job, keep the job, build the relationship, or get the job done.

The truth will set you free…is what they say. But the truth really leaves you unemployed, friendless, alone, and probably injured or dead. And if it is an inconvenient truth you might end up worse than that.

So swallow that dignity and keep on lying America.