The Solution to Everything – Here it is

Never fear folks. Now we got the solution to everything. It’s so easy now that Trump is putting it into action. Got a problem with young people protesting? Start a war of if you already have one, just expand it. Got a problem with opium based addiction? Start a war with the largest opium producer … Continue reading “The Solution to Everything – Here it is”

Never fear folks. Now we got the solution to everything. It’s so easy now that Trump is putting it into action.
Got a problem with young people protesting? Start a war of if you already have one, just expand it.
Got a problem with opium based addiction? Start a war with the largest opium producer on the planet.
Got a problem with Muslims? Start a war with an opium producing, Islamic nation bordering another Islamic nation and then bring a hindu nation into it which borders the other Muslim nation.
Got a problem with black people? Start a war and get em fighting for the motherland – hey, get the black people to kill the Islamic people and you got a two birds with one stone situation because both populations are going to get smaller.
Got a problem with a nuclear rogue state? Start a problem between two less stable nuclear states.
Got a Global Warming problem? Cool things down with a Nuclear Winter!

Here it is…the Trump plan…unfolding before our eyes…combine the war on opiods with the war on terror, reinstate the draft at some point, bring on the nuclear winter, and whitey on the moon.

The Case for Banning Automobiles

In light of the recent spate of cars being used as terrorist weapons, I think it bears consideration to look at banning all automobiles. Britain and France have already chosen to ban all gas and diesel vehicles by the year 2040. Self driving vehicles with built in safeguards are a reality already that only needs a push from governance to become a reality. Bike share programs are taking off. Rail and hyperloop are realities. It would be good for the environment, it would be good for our mental health, and I think it would be good for our security. I support a ban on cars starting right away.

Uber and Lyft Care About Your Car

When we moved to Hawai’i, I knew that money was going to be tight. I knew I would need a second or third source of income – and I kept hearing about how good Lyft and Uber were for the drivers…so instead of buying a cheap older car, I bought a 2015 Nissan Versa Note with low mileage. Definitely not the most expensive car on the market, but holds five people, can hold some luggage, and is small, gets nice gas mileage, and I can usually find parking for it. I got my insurance, license, and registration all in order and I applied to Lyft and Uber. Most websites said the wait was a week or less, since I have a clean driving record, no criminal record, and a newer car with all the paperwork – I thought I would be qualified quickly. It’s been nearly a month now – finally, I got curious as to why it was taking so long and started digging around on the internet – it indeed seemed that people get approved quickly – unless they have cars that are already common in the Uber or Lyft marketplace – so in Honolulu, I would have been way better off with a five year old mini-van than I am with the car I bought to be a Lyft/Uber car. Lyft and Uber don’t say this – they say that they are still doing my background check – but since the FBI and the military bases I have to access for my work as an archaeologist already came back with approval (and I applied afterward) I think it’s pretty clear that something else is going on. I like my little car and it has worked better than expected for our family – but it would have been nice to know that the rideshare companies judge you by your vehicle before I bought it. I can’t claim credit for this information – it was on the internet – the orginal poster said that when they have a lot of the same cars in a driving area – they tend to make you just wait and wait and wait…go figure. At least I have a good car.

Traveling Again…

It’s been years since I took a flight…as I sit in the airport here in Portland – I remember suddenly how droll travel really is. And it’s worse than ever while having improved at the same time. The check-ins, the lines, the airport waiting rooms, the airport food – but – at least in Portland, that is something that appears to have gotten much better. I’ve just ordered breakfast at the Rogue Ales Public House and much to my amazement – a full breakfast is the same price or less than I’m used to paying at Denny’s or any roadside diner and the food is actually of better quality. Because I was thinking of international flights and lines of the past – I checked in way too early….three hours is too much – but the airport is a comfortable place to be. Free wi-fi, restaurants, comfy chairs, plenty of plugs for all my electronic devices….but the waiter has left my breakfast sitting in the window for at least five minutes…but here it comes now…maybe…he seems to be just ignoring it.

The flight itself was alright. But flying Hawaiian Airlines and every other airline has changed in the past ten years. Seats were so cramped that I couldn’t use the armrests on either side without hitting the guys to either side of me and when the lady in front of me put her seat back, I had no choice but to put mine back and I was unable to reach my carry-on bag under her seat for the rest of the flight without using my feet to grab it. There are no longer free in flight movies on this 5-6 hour flight – instead you can buy movies or games on the in seat entertainment console for $7.99 each or watch the Hawaiian Airlines show – which was pretty good but which probably doesn’t change for frequent fliers. Hawaiian is the last American airline that gives a complimentary meal with your expensive ticket – and what a feast…3 grapes and four squares of fruit, a tiny cookie, and an egg and cheese biscuit not unlike those from McDonalds which cost around a dollar. Plus coffee and water and a complimentary cup of juice at the end (the juice that costs $1.50 per 6 pack in Hawaiian grocery stores.

The car rental company did their damnedest to get me to buy extra insurance and the hotel I thought I got a deal on hit me with a $45 per night resort fee (just like Vegas, thanks Vegas) and of course, parking the rental is an extra $25 per day…which in this case isn’t a big deal. Milk and gas seem to no longer be obscenely expensive on Oahu, but all the local favorites that used to be cheap now cost big bucks….strangely bananas are cheaper on the Oregon Coast than in Hawai’i which probably makes sense because there are no banana plantations thriving here…

The Weight of Stuff

These past few weeks have been difficult. Winter won’t seem to end in Oregon this year – while the weather has never been a big issue for me in the past – this year it has been torture. Last week we had our first run of three sunny days since last October and it was like heaven, but then it began to rain again, and hail, and the temperature dropped, and then it began to pour, and that awful grey light wrapped itself around everything and to tell the truth, the sense of despair was worse than it had been before the sunshine – I felt like one of those poor souls in movies who are tortured and tortured and then they are sure they are going to escape and be free, but in fact, that was just a way of the torturer to push them past the edge. That’s where I was. The sun is shining now, there are patches of blue, I feel okay – but the weather is not done and I know that I am no longer suited for the Pacific Northwest. I am fifth generation born here, but the time I’ve spent in tropical places has ruined me for a winter like this.

And now on to the title of the post – the burden of stuff. My god, when I am depressed, the weight of all this stuff is like that of a planet crushing me beneath it. I am selling what I can when I can. I am using craigslist, Let Go, EBay, and retail. I am going to shows and will be having a big garage sale in a few weeks. What doesn’t sell at the sale will go to the dump or the charity shops. We are trying to sell our antique shop, so it makes no sense to give away the quality inventory yet, but soon I will either sell the shop and everything in it or hang up the “Going out of business, Everything must go” sign. I can’t carry this much stuff any longer.