Proof that the world is sort of f***ed up

Two of the most popular posts I’ve ever written on this site are (which details how Finland accidentally gave the DVD release of Little House on the Prairie – one of the most beloved family programs ever made in the USA (based on a beloved set of children’s books) with an adult’s only rating. The google search that finds it is “Little House on the Prairie Porn”

And the other is this: where I griped that I was tired of getting comments with links to animal porn on my site – and google decided that as a result – they would send people looking for ‘animal porn’ to my site…

And, here I am griping about both these posts and no doubt filtering more people who want to see the Ingles Family breeding their livestock, but not in a positive family friendly way. If that isn’t f***ed up, I don’t know what is.

Nude cyclists peel off around Spanish cities

This reminds me of Burning Man where I participated in a nude bike ride and Mink Hippie wore nothing but some body paint in the Critical Tits ride. It was great to ride around with hundreds of other naked people. It makes me think that there should be some sort of National Naked Day. Maybe there is…I’ll look into it.

Nude Cyclists

MADRID (Reuters) – Hundreds of nude cyclists pedaled around Spanish cities on Saturday to protest against car-clogged streets and demand greater respect for pollution-free transport.
With slogans like “one car less” and “bio methanol” painted on their backs, the naked cyclists staged Spain’s third annual Ciclonudista or “Nudecycle” in Madrid, Barcelona and Pamplona.

The protest was part of world-wide naked bike riding events on Saturday across Europe, North America and South America.

“We feel naked when up against traffic because people don’t see the bicycle as just another means of transport,” said Madrid cyclist Ramon Linaza, wearing only a cycle helmet and shoes.

Towing cardboard cars with gaping jaws, protesters said the rapid rise of automobile ownership in Spain was turning city streets into ever more hostile and dangerous cycling territory.

Organizers said the bicycle was a healthy and efficient form of urban transport that is largely ignored by Spanish drivers and city planners.

Central Madrid has few bike paths and cyclists are a rarity on its streets. Barcelona has the most bike paths of any Spanish city, according to cycling activists.

Per capita car ownership has rocketed in Spain after a decade of strong economic growth.

X Rated Nude Carwash gets Thumbs Up from Law Enforcement

Nude Carwash

I wish I could drive to Queensland…

CANBERRA (Reuters) – A nude car wash offering an X-rated sideshow and topless cleaning in Australia’s tropical Queensland state has been given the all-clear after police and officials said they were powerless to scrub it.

The Bubbles ‘n’ Babes car wash in Brisbane prompted a flood of complaints with a topless car wash for A$55 ($45) and a nude car wash with X-rated lap-dance service for A$100. “If it was approved for a car wash then I can’t imagine how we can stop them,” Lord Mayor Campbell Newman told a council meeting with worried local lawmakers.

Professional car washes have boomed in most cities with drought-stricken Australians banned from washing their own cars due to tough water restrictions.

Queensland police denied any cover-up in a state where their image has been dented by past accusations of police corruption and involvement with organized crime.

The raunchy wash, set up by a strip-club owner, was screened from the public and used recycled water to avoid breaching water use restrictions, they said.

“We don’t want any traffic accidents caused by people looking at the girls instead of looking at the road,” Superintendent Colin Campbell told local media.

Flashback: Naked Pictures of McCains vice presidential pick. Sarah Palin.

I’m glad there aren’t any of Biden. Actually, I haven’t looked, there might be. These are not confirmed, but it looks like the real deal. From OSI There’s a conservative for you. Continue reading “Flashback: Naked Pictures of McCains vice presidential pick. Sarah Palin.”

Shaving the Bush

It turns out there is a movement on for women to get rid of the bush as Bush leaves the office. Here is the link to it:

Shave the Date: No Bush Left Behind

But one problem is that the days of the Brazilian wax and total shave may be moving to the history books with W.

Slate writer Lisa Germinsky discusses this future trend in depth with some laugh aloud lines thrown in like this one.

“My landing strip has turned into more of a Dorito.” or “After seeing the shaved beav of nearly every pop tart, after years of porn going mainstream, isn’t the thrill of the bare vage getting a little stale? If not, you know, creepy?”

That was Bill Maher’s take, when he lamented on a Sept. 19 episode of “Real Time With Bill Maher,” “Bring back a little pubic hair. Not a lot. I’m not talking about reviving that 1973 look that says I’m liberated … and I’m smuggling a hedgehog. I just want a friendly, fuzzy calling card that tells me I’m not going to get arrested.”