Proof that the world is sort of f***ed up

Two of the most popular posts I’ve ever written on this site are (which details how Finland accidentally gave the DVD release of Little House on the Prairie – one of the most beloved family programs ever made in the USA (based on a beloved set of children’s books) with an adult’s only rating. … Continue reading “Proof that the world is sort of f***ed up”

Two of the most popular posts I’ve ever written on this site are (which details how Finland accidentally gave the DVD release of Little House on the Prairie – one of the most beloved family programs ever made in the USA (based on a beloved set of children’s books) with an adult’s only rating. The google search that finds it is “Little House on the Prairie Porn”

And the other is this: where I griped that I was tired of getting comments with links to animal porn on my site – and google decided that as a result – they would send people looking for ‘animal porn’ to my site…

And, here I am griping about both these posts and no doubt filtering more people who want to see the Ingles Family breeding their livestock, but not in a positive family friendly way. If that isn’t f***ed up, I don’t know what is.

Mad Monkey Disease????

Personally, if I had to pluck coconuts for ten years, I’d probably bite the fucker too…

Monkeys attack masters

THEIR monkeys had always been obedient, plucking coconuts for them.

But not until when they went berserk and attacked their masters on two separate incidents on Friday and yesterday.

In the first incident, Hassan Hussein, 58, sustained seven stitches on his left hand while Azimat Mat Hassan, 66, received 10 stitches and a tendon tear on his right hand. Both are warded at the Alor Star Hospital.

Hassan from Kampung Pokok Pauh in Pokok Sena said he instructed his monkey “Leh which he had kept for 10 years to pluck coconuts for his friend’s kenduri at about 8pm on Friday when the incident happened.

“It managed to pluck 30 coco-nuts before it became violent. I panicked when it attacked me and bit my hand,’’ he said.

He, however, managed to put it in my motorcycle carrier and headed for home before seeking treatment at the hospital.

Azimat, from Kampung Pondok Lama in Pokok Sena, took his monkey “Nyan to pluck coconuts, also for a kenduri, at about 6.30pm yesterday when the animal attacked him while coming down the third tree.

“I pulled my hand away while my friends tried to subdue the monkey, he said.

His friends rushed him to the hospital.

The Obama Emergency, Got Guru?, Feces throwing primates, and Galileo was a crook.

I’ve hijacked a wifi connection at the Chelsea Int’l Hostel and so I’m going to use it for all it’s worth. Here are a few of the stories I find interesting today.

Apparently, Bush considers the Obama Inauguration an emergency Altruism? Maybe yes, maybe no. I won’t be here to find out.

Bush said that an emergency exists and ordered federal aid to supplement the $15 million in federal funds already appropriated for the event.

Boing Boing today has a list of ‘folk theories’ that allow people to be roped into guru cults:

• The folk theory of everything being connected
• The folk theory of ancient wisdom
• The folk theory of holiness
• The folk theory of sex being a loss to the spirit
• The folk theory of harmful technology
• The folk theory that only the heart knows what is true

They lifted it from Guruphilic

And a feces throwing primate is causing havoc in Florida, i’m in NYC, so you know it isn’t me.

And finally, it turns out that Galileo was not the first to look through a telescope. That wasn’t me either.

Englishman Thomas Harriot made the first drawing of the moon after looking through a telescope several months before Galileo, in July 1609.


Can humans be a part of nature?

How can humans be both a part of nature and apart from nature?

What is nature? Is there anything that is not a part of nature? In our modern society we like to classify things as natural or man-made, thus we signify that things made by human beings are not a part of nature. Human made objects are considered to be outside of nature while bee-made objects such as honey or wax are considered to be inside of nature. This distinction has never made sense to me. While it is possible to create a system of typology in which human beings exist outside of nature, I completely reject the notion that in a universal sense, it is possible for humans or human activity to be anything other than a part of nature. Just as the honeycomb and the deer path are a part of nature, so are the superhighways, satellites, and plastics created by human beings.

I do not argue that all nature is good. Clearly a species of grazing animal arriving without the aid of human beings to an island where they soon obliterate a unique species of grass is not a good thing for the grass. I would argue that in the same sense, human beings pulling carbon from the depths of the earth and converting it into carbon that affects the atmosphere of the planet is not a good thing for many of the species involved (including humans), however, it is a part of nature.

Part of the reason that human beings have had such an adverse effect upon the planetary systems that they exist within is because humans have deluded themselves that they are not a part of nature. In this process, humans became convinced that the rules that apply to other systems within nature do not apply to human beings. Humans are no different in their destruction than chimpanzees with sticks who destroy anthills, it is simply a matter of the scale of destruction which sets us apart. We have used our complex brains to figure out how to exploit nature as if we exist outside of it rather than to figure out how to coexist with it from within.

We are as subject to the rules of nature as any other species on our planet. When it rains we get wet, when it is too cold we freeze, and when it is too hot we die. Our ability to deal with temperature is perhaps more complex than a dog that grows a thicker coat in winter and sheds its hair in summer, but again, it is a matter of scale. The coats we wear are not connected to our bodies but they are the extension of our bodies into the time and space determined by nature. We, as pointed out by Julian Steward, are subject to the complex cause and effect relationships of nature. Thus, it is impossible for human beings to exist outside of nature. A semantic argument may be able to be made, but so long as nature affects us and we affect it, we are a part of it. Our bodies and processes function within the cycling of decomposition. Within our bodies exist a multitude of organisms that we would perish without. There are also huge segments of nature that would perish without us fulfilling our part within the grand system. One could argue that these components that rely upon us are not natural, but since they are also dependent on the cause and effect of nature, this argument is moot.

The existence of culture, fire, rituals, or other human attributes do not set us apart from nature. They are a part of nature. Nature is rarely balanced. If it were, it would not be natural.

Marijuana Wins, Babylon Revisited, and Neverland changes hands.

Three stories I find to be worth reading today.

1) Pot Wins in a Landslide: A Thundering Rejection of America’s Longest War

2) Iraq: Can ancient Babylon be rescued?
U.N.-led organizations documenting the damage and how to fix it

3) Michael Jackson gives Neverland to corporation

And one for the kook files:

Georgia congressman warns of Obama dictatorship