The Technological Point of No Return

I am a neo-luddite. I make no bones about it. I have come to believe that technology – in particular information technology is a bad thing. And – for the most part – I think we would be better off without much of the rest of what we call technology as well. Don’t get me … Continue reading “The Technological Point of No Return”

I am a neo-luddite. I make no bones about it. I have come to believe that technology – in particular information technology is a bad thing. And – for the most part – I think we would be better off without much of the rest of what we call technology as well. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not a green anarchist touting some future primitive ideal – I am a fan of our vaccines, of fire, of the printing press, and many other things – there is such a thing as positive technology. I, however, am of the opinion that most technology has turned out to be a negative for the majority of the human species (not to mention for every other species on Spaceship Earth).

Unfortunately, most technology has been used for one of three purposes I see as negative. 1) Greed and wealth accumulation – i.e. unchecked capitalism and exploitation 2) Command and control of population increasingly including the shaping of opinion, idea, and day-to-day activities 3) Maintaining the status-quo – i.e. keeping power and wealth where it lays, preventing societal change, keeping the technological society alive and well.

Barring an event of grand enough proportion to shut down the electricity on a massive scale and thus allow a ‘reset’ of human society, I fear that we may have reached a technological point of no return. Even as I write this – the forces in control of our thoughts and minds are rallying to protect and expand the power of the technological control state. Facebook (among others) is deploying wifi broadcasting drones to extend the mind control of the web to even the most remote reaches of the planet. Elon Musk is in the process of creating batteries which enable the technological state to power itself indefinitely from off grid – thus providing protection from the near certainty of future attacks against electricity and fossil fuel infrastructure and resources. We are very near, the technological point of no return.

The Cicret Bracelet: Like a tablet…but on your skin. – YouTube

For some reason what pops in my head is a very obese person using this in a super sized belt…

The Cicret Bracelet: Like a tablet…but on your skin. – YouTube.

The first prototype should be ready by late December. But before they can give you the prototype, they need your money first, lots of them.

That’s right, there is no working prototype, let alone any solid guarantees that it will actually be realized. And the inventors claim they need €700,000 (US$873,000; £555,000; RM3 million) to finish the first prototype of the bracelet and €300,000 (US$374,000; £238,000; RM1.3 million) to develop the Cicret App for all platforms. In short, the genius from Cicret needs approximately 1-Million-Euro to make a prototype.

Creation, Thoughts, and Ideas from a Creator

Without a doubt, the greatest impediment to innovation or creation is not inspiration, but procrastination – most specifically , waiting for the right time, right materials, right circumstance, or right something – if Leonardo or Michelangelo had waited the world would be a poorer place – if Steve Jobs had waited, the world would certainly be different – if Henry Ford or countless others had waited – the world would be unrecognizable – which may or may not be a good thing – I haven’t seen that other world, so I don’t really know.


I only know that our world makes it harder than ever to get started – gone are the days when a poor immigrant can make aprons from cloth bought with his last few dollars and start a grand enterprise – today – to do so legally he needs to have a license, a premisis, a tax ID number, and countless other sanctioned impediments to doing business. Our system is seemingly, a system which does to great length to encourage inertia and to discourage innovation and forward movement.

I, like many others, am a man of ideas. My whole life has been a complex system of coming up with ideas and then working to make them reality – often the only canvas I have had to work with is myself, who I am – and I’ve painted several different me’s through these four decades. My antique shop was born in three days – I spoke with the landlords, I signed the rental agreement, I moved what I had in, and I opened – meanwhile – two shops down the street prepared for months to open their doors – one of them to much better effect than me and the other to about the same lukewarm welcome and success.

My desire is to create, to make new things, to innovate, to paint, to write, to play music, to make art, to start business – that is what I do. I am a creator – not a creative – a creator. I create things. I create books, stories, worlds, websites, magazines, businesses, people (characters and children), and more. I would create far more if I were not stymied by process, procedure, start up costs, regulations, and other artificial impediments to my creative genius. I find it funny, by the way that art is contained in the word artificial – when I find true art to be the most genuine products of humanity…I also find it incredibly annoying to have creators like myself labeled as ‘creatives’ by those who are not. We are not creatives, we are creators. We are not makers, we are creators. We create!

If God did create us in his image, we creators are the ones he must love the most. We create! We understand! And, we also understand how a creation can turn south or end up being disappointing, or not work out the way that we intended.

In the beginning, God created Man and then Man (and woman) started doing all kinds of things God hadn’t intended or thought about – yeah, I get that – the characters in the books I write usually take over at some point and deviate wholly from my preconcieved plotlines – when I paint – it often ends up something completely different from what I started thinking I was painting – even my antique shop is not quite what I had expected it would be – it has been filled with stuff people walked through the door with to sell me – I had no idea this stuff would come here – and so it goes. The stuff I thought would sell has been gathering dust while the stuff I didn’t plan on has paid the rent, I sure hope that continues…

It’s enough for now – although one more thing – I think that perhaps the internet and its offer of allowing me to create whatever I want for the world to see may have dragged me off a path where I would have made more real world things – stuff you can touch and hold.  As a matter of regret – I regret that – all this website crap – it disappears when the power goes out – if I had been making furniture or gardens – they wouldn’t be so ephemeral – or maybe they would. I don’t know. What do you think?

Robot Vacuum

robot vacuum

| Christopher J. Falvey

We recently welcomed a new member to our household. Along with my girlfriend and four cats, I am now housemates with a robotic vacuum. The little guy sports a subtly futuristic, grey body and three simple buttons, each lit with old-school, computer-style green LEDs labeled “small,” “medium,” and “large.” There is no on/off switch- as I inferred from the instructions, once you start the thing working, it’ll decide when it wants to stop. While it apparently cannot figure out the size of the room, it knows everything else any other sentient being needs to know to clean said room. more at

Ancient Egyptian City Found from Space

Satellites hovering above Egypt have zoomed in on a 1,600-year-old metropolis, archaeologists say.

Images captured from space pinpoint telltale signs of previous habitation in the swatch of land 200 miles south of Cairo, which digging recently confirmed as an ancient settlement dating from about 400 A.D.

The find is part of a larger project aiming to map as much of ancient Egypt’s archaeological sites, or “tells,” as possible before they are destroyed or covered by modern development.

“It is the biggest site discovered so far,” said project leader Sarah Parcak of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. “Based on the coins and pottery we found, it appears to be a massive regional center that traded with Greece, Turkey and Libya.”

Another large city dating to 600 B.C. and a monastery from 400 A.D. are some of the four hundred or so sites that Parcak has located during her work with the satellites. The oldest dates back over 5,000 years.

Egypt contains a wealth of already identified archaeological tells like these, but even they represent only about 0.01 percent of what is out there still uncovered, Parcak said.

Most of the ancient settlements still buried are at risk of being lost to looting and urban sprawl. Residential sites, where the Egyptian empire’s millions of citizens lived during its heyday, are especially vulnerable, archaeologists say.

“There are thousands of settlements that Egyptians don’t even know are there,” Parcak told LiveScience. “Nothing will ever destroy the Pyramids or the Temple of Luxor, but these huge settlement sites where we get a lot of information are being threatened. And that’s how we find out how people lived.”

The satellite technology lets archaeologists such as Parcak—the first to use space imagery in Egypt—identify points of interest on a large scale.

“Basically, I’m trying to distinguish the ancient remains from the modern landscape,” she said. “A site is going to appear very differently from space.” Archaeological sites absorb moisture in a different way, she explained, and tend to be covered with specific types of soil and vegetation.

The subtle differences would take much longer to identify on the ground, said Parcak, so Egypt’s government uses her catalog to identify sites and excavate there before development takes over and destroys the site for good.

Ramblin’ Man: The Internet and Masturbation

Stroke it stroke it. The internet and masturbation are connected.


rambling man columnA friend of mine mentioned that he thought masturbation had saved the internet. I laughed at first, but as I thought about it, I came to realize he was probably right. In fact, it seems like it’s nearly impossible to find anything about the United Nations without having to wade through the pee-cam and candyland, adult connections.

Porn is definitely what there is the most of on the net. The reason there is porn is because masturbation has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Porn is around because it makes cash, bottom line. First there were adult magazines, then there were 1-900 numbers and now…the pornonet. It’s amazing, but porn is a multi-national, multi-billion dollar industry. I guess, I owe porn a lot. After all, I use e-mail daily, I have a website, I research constantly, and I play several on-line games. But it just doesn’t feel right to say thank you to the porn industry. I’ve looked at plenty of porn both on and off line. Type in any word and you’ll find porn. The more I see, the more I think it’s one of the symptoms of our societies terminal illness. After all, porn is okay…but only if we pay enough. I think it’s another bit of hypocrisy in our self righteous, money grubbing society.

So masturbation saved the net. Great, but what has it done for us? Scientists have determined that when the male body produces semen, it uses only the best resources in said male. So, if a man happens to be a chronic masturbator, he is constantly depleting his body of it’s best materials. Taoists believe that energy flows through the body in a circuit. A lot of this energy is produced in the region of the testicles. Masturbation diverts this energy to the production of semen. Same problem. When this energy is wasted on the bedsheets, it makes sense that intelligence, creativity, vitality, energy, and drive would diminish. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be a liar if I denied ever masturbating, but education has taught me that there is a better way to use my energy. In fact there is even such a thing as a non-ejaculatory, full body, male orgasm. Before you scoff, think about the fact that most women didn’t have multiple orgasms prior to learning about them in the sexual revolution of the sixty’s and seventies. If you’re interested in more information on sexual energy, I highly recommend the book “Taoist Secrets of Love” by Mantak Chia.

Here’s my question. Has the proliferation of porn lowered the cumulative intelligence quotient of the general public by encouraging chronic masturbation? Makes sense to me. Welcome to the United States of Porn, Home of the Pornonet.


Hello Bellinghambling man..

Gooten morgan and Heil Hitler. You make me sick, you spout off about armegedon and the corporate bullshit but in reality your a techno nerd.You expect me to Email you “fuck that” I hate e-mail and I hate the net and I hate all the rest of the techno crap. You said that Y2K is going to cause havoc “maybe” thats good, maybe we can restore family values like making the kids weed out the beet patch. I hope Y2K causes the the gas pumps to instantly increase prices a dollar, then we can pay for your high tech radio communication so the wacko fuckheads can play dick tracy on some shit.Personally, I think we should go back to something more reliable like word of mouth and horses. Anyway, I hope you were able to pull yourself from surfing the net and jerking off to Mistress Helga mommy dominatrix extraordinaire to read this . thanks, Bob A. Lou

P.S. I’m sure you will have my handwriting analyzed and find out I’m a neurotic with compusive suicidal tendencies you paranoid son of a bitch. Later.

Bob A. Lou, Thanks for the hatemail. You caught me, I am a bit of a “ techno nerd”. Technology is there and if you think the world is ever going to go back to being peaceful savages forget it. You’ve got to remember, if we don’t keep our eyes open and utilize technology effectively a lot of shit will get done without our knowledge. As for family values, weeding the beet patch sounds better than sitting in daycare because both parents have to work all day every day. I’m with you on gas needing to cost more, right on! I like a lot of technolgy, but I would give it up in a heartbeat if it didn’t leave me vulnerable to others who were using it. Now about jerking off…..