Turkish Copperwork from the Ottoman Empire

These Ottoman Empire copper pieces were hand hammered by skilled craftsmen to tell stories and evoke emotion.

Turkish Copper

Large and ornamental but made for use, this ewer, pitcher, and urn have stories to tell and speak loudly when you enter a room.


Oil on Canvas Painting of Mill by R. Popping – 1942

R. Popping Oil Painting of Mill

This painting was done at the height of the Nazi regime during World War II, it’s stark industrial lines are in sharp contrast to the earth tones and pastoral imagery, and yet, when one looks at the long shadows of the trees and the orderly progression of the painting from left to right, symbology becomes clear. Little is known of the artist but his work has sold in major auctions at top auction houses.



Avakain Brothers Persian Heriz Rug

Persian Hafiz Rug

A stunning Avakian Brothers Persian Heriz style area rug made in Iran. This beautiful piece is hand-crafted from 100% virgin wool pile and boasts an intricate design in shades of red, blue, yellow and green with all natural dyes. The back has original tag (slightly faded) “Avakian Brother Inc. Made in Iran 100% Virgin Wood Pile”. There is wear to the rug and it shows signs of age, but no holes or fabric missing. This rug was purchased from the original Avakian Brothers Rug Shop in New York City in 1924 and has the label to prove it. . It is 12′ x 10′ and family legend has it that this carpet was purchased from the estate of Alma de Bretteville Spreckels in 1969. There is no documentation to back this claim up, but one can easily imagine such a large fine carpet gracing the famous socialite and activists home on Knob Hill.


Deer Hide Chair Attributed to Sarah Boone (sister of Daniel Boone)

deerhide chair

This deerhide chair comes from the Wilcox Family, a family directly descended from Sarah Boone, the sister of Daniel Boone. Sarah is most famous for having shot a Native American through the eye as he rode at high speed swinging an axe towards her husband John Wilcockson. The chair is an early pioneer type chair with a deerhide seat.  It was brought from North Carolina by members of the Wilcox family who settled on Knob Hill just after the Gold Rush. The chair was purchased by Captain Vapoor in 1912 for his Bizarrities exhibitions. Famous gunmen, Indian Chiefs, and story tellers – including Mark Twain were said to have spoken of the Pioneer times while seated in this chair.


Boone's Deerhide Chair

The Wheel of ‘We’re Here’ Presented to Captain Vapoor by Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling and Captain Preston L. Vapoor had made an acquaintance that blossomed into a lifelong friendship in Lahore, India in about 1885. Legend has it that Captain Vapoor brought American bourbon with him and the two bonded over drinks with Kipling’s editor at the Civil and Military Gazette. In 1889, Kipling arrived in San Francisco and attempted to mend his broken heart (he had fallen in love with a Japanese geisha named O-Toyo en route in Japan) with bouts of heavy drinking and debauchery – accompanied by Captain Vapoor and a motley crew of roustabouts. Kipling was so appreciative of the Captain’s introductions and friendship that before leaving San Francisco for Portland, Oregon, he bought one of the old schooner ship’s wheels from a salvage shop – unfortunately the name of the ship is lost to history – Kipling however, never one to let facts get in the way of his fictions, assured Captain Vapoor that it was the wheel from the ship We’re Here – a fictional vessel which he 8 years later celebrated in his novel Captain’s Courageous. When one looks, it is easy to find allusions to Kipling’s old friend Vapoor in the novel.wheel of we're here