Eclipse of the Misogynist

All these white men being called out and ousted for sexual harrassment have no one to blame except Donald Trump. Trump’s blatant mysogeny and sexual abuse of women has empowered American women to stand up and tell it like it is (and like it always has been). This may be the only good thing to … Continue reading “Eclipse of the Misogynist”

All these white men being called out and ousted for sexual harrassment have no one to blame except Donald Trump. Trump’s blatant mysogeny and sexual abuse of women has empowered American women to stand up and tell it like it is (and like it always has been). This may be the only good thing to come from the Trump administration.

There is a whole lot more coming. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Sexual assault, sexual harrassment, and sexual abuse has been a male way of life in America for a long long time…

Every guy in America is waiting to get called out for something…and we all deserve it. I’m not innocent and neither is any other man I know – we’ve all crossed the line with women at some point in our lives. I’m aware of some of the times I have (and probably unaware of other times I’ve done so on autopilot). I was wrong and for what it may be worth – I wish I’d been more respectful, more aware, more conscious and less consumed with fulfilling a bullshit male requirement. I’m not making excuses for myself or for anyone else here – the truth is though – I was taught this macho bullshit. It was encouraged, expected, rewarded, and condoned. I shudder at the stories I laughed at and the disrespectful behaviour I engaged in, observed, and condoned.

It’s time for the culture of mysogeny to stop. The chips are going to fall. Let’s let them. It’s going to be painful for men – for all of us. It’s been painful for women for a long time. This needs to happen. And it needs to happen in a much bigger way than it already is.

It’s Probably Too Late – We’ve already fucked ourselves.

I was that ten year old kid in the early 1980s with a subscription to OMNI. I’ve been fascinated with the topics that magazine covered ever since. I’ve been following the rise of machine intelligence and the human quest to live forever (even if within a machine’s databanks)for most of my life. I probably should have focused my career on those things – but frankly – I was too busy cramming as much experience into every moment as I could in my teens and twenties – and, again frankly – I got sidetracked by the very tricky and deceptive path of drugs and alcohol. I didn’t destroy myself with them, thankfully, but I lost some very good years to them. People are often amazed at the number of things I’ve done in my life – and the reason is because from very early on I’ve been aware of the fact that I’m going to die and no moment is guaranteed. So, I’ve been cramming life ever since – the Marines, a dozen careers, travel all over the world, extreme experiences, and much to my regret – a lot of drunkenness and stupidness as a result. If I could give one piece of advice to any young person it would simply be “Don’t drink alchohol.” I loved all the wild experiences of my drunken heroes, Hunter S. Thompson, Jack Kerouac, Jack London, Ernest Hemingway – but the experiences weren’t enhanced by their drinking – I found out too late, they were dimmed by it. Oh well, if a young person is reading this – take heed…

In any event, a life that could have been spent studying artificial intelligence or economics or genetics – instead has been spent in a pretty enjoyable fashion. And here I am – a hobbyist in all these topics – which probably takes me beyond the layman but not to the level of expert – but then, maybe I’m being modest. I understand these concepts and I understand the long term ramifications of them. And – I think we are all fucked and it’s too late now. I don’t think the machines are going to march on us with guns or blow us up with weapons. I think they are going to use our psychology to make us to whatever the machines ultimately decide is best for us. I think we have taken our autonomy and given it away.

The Christian religion – and most of the others – say that God gave us free will. It was the greatest gift of all. And we’ve given it away. We may think we have free will – but it is already much reduced from even what it was when I was a child. No wonder people are doping themselves to death – it may be the only choice they have left. They didn’t really have the choice not to start – most of them were prescribed or peer pressured or led to it somehow. The Facebook and Google and Amazon algorhythms are telling us what to think, what to buy, what to click, what to feel, what to do…my friends on Tinder or other dating apps are being told who to fuck – though they might argue that point.

This person is interested in you – and they are perfect for you. Meet them and fuck them!

I think that’s how it works. We are being told what to eat, how to eat it, what to drive, what to wear, where to go, what to do, and more. I really think it’s probably too late. We’ve already fucked ourselves.

This person is interested in you – they are perfect for you. Meet them and fuck them! Hey, it’s you meeting yourself. Fuck yourself!

Trick or Treating is Almost Dead

Trick or Treating is almost dead. The truth is, I don’t even want my child going to strangers houses at all – let alone going there and taking candy. It was a fine idea in small towns where everyone knew one another – and maybe it still is – in towns like that. I mean, in Reedsport, it was fine – but then, we usually only went to the houses of people we knew. Mostly, the trick or treating was the big trunk-or-treat event put on by the church and then there was the town trick or treat with all the shops. I think that’s where it needs to go. You know? People you know, church groups (and other civic groups), and local busineses.

This year, here in Honolulu – we just completely skipped the door to door stuff. We went to the mall and there it was all the little businesses that were handing out candy to the kids – the big multi-billion dollar Fendi, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and other rich name brand shops just gave out nothing…except for the Rolex store which gave out candy in the doorway. I’ve always liked Rolex.

In any event, the candy thing is terrible anyway. It’s not healthy. It’s expensive. And it would be way to easy for some creep to do something terrible to the candy anyway. We had fun this year picking out pumpkins and taking a hay ride and going to our daughters school parade and school Halloween dance. Halloween is still fun – but trick or treating – fuck it. It’s time to close that door anyway – maybe all those luxury brands are on to something. Nah, fuck them too. If anyone should be giving away treats – they should.

Thank You For Your Service – A Post 9-11 Lip Service

Larry David just did an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm titled Thank You For Your Service. He touched on something that has bothered me for a while now. First of all, I’m a vet. I served honorably in the US Marine Corps during wartime, earned a couple of ribbons and medals, and got an honorable discharge. I have people thank me for my service all the time and though it’s appreciated, it’s a little on the embarrassing side. It was a job, I signed up for it, did the best I could, and definitely got some benefit out of it. I don’t thank random doctors “Thank you for healing people” or lawyers “Thank you for defending people” or builders “Thank you for building things” or factory workers “Thank you for making things” or city workers “Thank you for keeping the sewage lines flowing” – I probably should, but usually don’t. None of us do. In fact, I don’t remember a single person ever thanking me for my service before 9-11. I also don’t remember so many American flags flying around mindlessly before 9-11 and I don’t remember people giving a shit about whether athletes or anyone else stood during the National Antherm. In fact, I don’t remember any of this patriotic bullshit going on before. And, I think it is bullshit. Want to be a patriot? Put your flags and your lip service and your irate anger over civilians worshipping the country away. Patriots put their lives where there mouths are. Patriots don’t need to be thanked. Patriots live the ideals of their nation.

“We hold these truths to be self evident – that all men are created equal.”
“Inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”

I could go on, but do I need to? There are veterans living on the streets – some homeless, many suffering from PTSD and alcohol or drug abuse. We have a country that clearly judges people differently based on the color of their skin or their economic caste. We have a financial dictatorship which enslaves people and prevents them from living as they go from work to sleep and sleep to work. We have a military which has been waging war to make oil companies and arms manufacturers wealthy while American infrastructure, schools, and social services have gone to shit. We have a fucked system run by billionaires who are using the trappings of patriotism to make themselves richer while the blood of our patriots is spilled in Niger, Afghanstan, Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere. None of these wars have made the lives of regular Americans better. They have created enemies, they have killed innocents, and they have sacrificed our patriotic youth to enrich these disgusting creatures who sit at the top of the American financial system.

Do you want to thank our veterans for their service? Think of a better way than with empty words that enrich heartless corporations which cannot and will not ever understand what the word patriot means.

The Untenable Nature of Our Current Civilization

Consider the untenable nature of our current civilization. Perhaps the most amazing thing about our current world civilization is the fact that it does not crash. This ridiculous house of cards seemingly only held together by brain washing and threats of force. An arrangement which benefits an extreme minority and disadvantages the extreme majority. How in the world is our current system still standing? Why have the common people not risen up and destroyed it or at the very least demanded something more favorable? The answer, is democracy. I’m not saying that democracy is good, far from it, I’m saying that democracy allows the control of the masses. We all know that politicians lie and that campaign promises are rarely kept, and yet we continue to extend our votes and our trust and our hope …and to be disappointed. Meanwhile, the engineers of this system continue to fine tune their control through distraction, stress, and misinformation. The dissemination of information, the requirements of capital, and the politics of voting – all of these are distractions from the true issue. We are not being allowed to live the lives we were born to live. Were you born to commute? Were you born to have a job that doesn’t fulfill you? And even if you have a job you love and a commute you enjoy – were you born to fill out forms for health insurance and continually worry about things which have nothing to do with the veracity of your existance?

Historical Bullshit

I’m a tour guide and an archaeologist – so I shouldn’t be saying this, but frankly, I’m more qualified to say it than most. Here goes: Historical preservation is bullshit.

Here is my thinking – if I find the bones of a dead person in Hawaii, that area is protected and if there are some important artifacts they are protected and preserved – which usually means boxed up and put in the attic of some museum or archaeology firm at great cost and with great care – even if there are millions of similar finds and the liklihood of learning anything new from these finds approaches zero. Meanwhile there are literally thousands of living people within several miles of me who are homeless, mentally ill, addicted to drugs, living in abject poverty, and suffering hugely. Also within miles of me is a huge expanse of land which was bombed by the Japanese nearly 70 years ago – the government has spent hundreds of billions of dollars to preserve this site, to buy ships and aircraft, to renovate it, to staff it, to provide security for it, and more. Seriously, hundreds of billions of dollars and that is complete fucking bullshit. Every day more and more sites get historical protection and the cost of real estate goes further out of reach of the majority of people who are alive. We protect the trash of people who died a hundred years ago more than we protect our children and their future.

History is great. We should take pictures, write books, and take important samples. This obscene fetishism our society pours on it, however, is complete and total bullshit. Not only are we promoting a vile form of disgusting nationalism, we are glorifying warfare and carnage, we are perpetuating the worst humanity has to offer. We are spending hundreds of billions of dollars to do it while arts and science and literacy programs are being defunded. We have a bullshit airplane museum AND a bullshit homeless problem which could easily be solved with less than a third of the funds thrown at airplanes that no longer fly.