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Say someone came up to you selling a dietary supplement—a pill that you take once a day—that could boost your energy, improve your body’s ability to repair its DNA, and keep you healthier as you get older.

It might sound like a scam, or more likely just another in a sea of confusing, undifferentiated claims that make up the $20 billion dollar supplement industry.

But let’s say that someone is MIT’s Lenny Guarente, one of the world’s leading scientists in the field of aging research. And he’s being advised by five Nobel Prize winners and two dozen other top researchers in their fields. You might pay a little more attention.

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Watch Bill Gates Drink Water That Was Sewage 5 Minutes Before | IFLScience

More than 2 billion people across the world are affected by not having access to clean water or proper sanitation, resulting in the death of over 700,000 children each year. Solving this problem isn’t as simple as installing sewer or septic systems, as they require more energy and infrastructure than could be effectively maintained in many developing countries. Waste from the latrines most commonly used in these areas are left untreated and merely dumped into local rivers and other bodies of water, where it will contribute to the spread of disease.The latest venture from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation seeks to resolve this problem by creating a wastewater treatment method that eliminates disease-causing sewage from the environment and converts it into clean, drinkable water. The steam engine-powered device is called the Omniprocessor, manufactured by Seattle-based Janicki Bioenergy. The Omniprocessor can convert human waste into clean, drinkable water in a matter of minutes, while producing energy to incinerate the remaining waste solids and leave 250 kilowatts to spare. The resulting ash does not have an odor and will not contain disease-causing microbes.Using the waste from 100,000 people, the Omniprocessor will produce 86,000 liters of water per day, enough for 43,000 people. Though there is a deficit in supply and demand, this will be a tremendous relief for people in these areas. This isn’t meant to be strictly charity, but a means of creating self-supported economies.“If we get it right, it will be a good example of how philanthropy can provide seed money that draws bright people to work on big problems, eventually creating a self-supporting industry. Our foundation is funding Janicki to do the development,” Bill Gates wrote on his blog, Gatesnotes. “Our goal is to make the processors cheap enough that entrepreneurs in low- and middle-income countries will want to invest in them and then start profitable waste-treatment businesses.”The pilot Omniprocessor will be installed in Dakar, Senegal later this year. There are over 2.4 million people in Dakar’s metro area, with 24% living without electricity or running water. Gates notes that this will not be a quick fix to such a widespread problem, but it is a good start.Of course, anyone can sit around and talk about how great this system will be. Gates, understanding that actions speak louder than words, decided to show his confidence in the efficacy of the Janicki Omniprocessor in no uncertain terms: by drinking water that had been raw sewage just five minutes prior.

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The Island Where People Forget to Die –

The Island Where People Forget to Die –

Ikaria, an island of 99 square miles and home to almost 10,000 Greek nationals, lies about 30 miles off the western coast of Turkey. Its jagged ridge of scrub-covered mountains rises steeply out of the Aegean Sea. Before the Christian era, the island was home to thick oak forests and productive vineyards. Its reputation as a health destination dates back 25 centuries, when Greeks traveled to the island to soak in the hot springs near Therma. In the 17th century, Joseph Georgirenes, the bishop of Ikaria, described its residents as proud people who slept on the ground. “The most commendable thing on this island,” he wrote, “is their air and water, both so healthful that people are very long-lived, it being an ordinary thing to see persons in it of 100 years of age.”

Isagenix, A New Year, A New Me, Maybe a New You?

I have a good friend who is visiting the United States from abroad right now – she messaged me the other day “Oh my god! I can’t believe how big the portions are, how greasy the food is, and that there is caramel and whipped cream on top of the coffees!” Yeah, this is the USA. We should maybe change it to the Obese States of America or at least the Chunky States of America or maybe the United States of Fattynes. I’m no stranger to her observations, as you no doubt read in my last post. Yesterday I completed a 10 day cleansing fast where I lost a total of 21 lbs and 2 inches from my waist – almost certainly some of that will come back now that I’m no longer fasting – but I still find myself 15-20 lbs above my ideal weight for my height. So I’m moving forward with the gym and Isagneix.

My birthday is pretty soon and my combination Christmas/Birthday present to myself is a gym membership which I intend to use. The truth is, I sometimes find myself wondering what to do when I’m not sitting behind the counter at Reedsport Antiques and the gym provides me an option in this little town that doesn’t have much going on – it feels like the right decision at the right time. I’ve tried working out at home, but let’s face it – there are some nearly insurmountable challenges there – and workouts shouldn’t be interrupted every ten minutes with jars that can’t be opened, requests for My Little Pony, or other enjoyable but distracting household events.

I’m not stopping there though – since getting back to the USA my body has felt – in a word – old. I’ve had aches and pains and creaks and I’ve been tired – frankly I think it has been from processing too much food and carrying all the resulting weight around – 30-35 pounds in a year and a half – so lately I’ve been walking around with a 35 pound pack on my belly shoulders neck back cheeks and other parts – I believe that can wear you the f… out. So, I’m changing my diet too. I like to eat and my own portions have gotten larger and larger as we’ve been here – let’s face it – a 25 year old can get away with eating half a pizza (4-5 slices) but in reality 2 slices is more than enough for a normal person. I don’t need a 6-inch sandwich, a bag of chips, and a cookie plus a drink. Half of that without the cookie or without the drink is PLENTY of calories. In fact, those kind of meals aren’t even what I want to eat in the first place most of the time. My body craves salads and roasted or barbecued meats. Okay, as I think about it lots of other things sound good too – but that’s where control comes in. Like not eating for the 10-day fast control allows you to savor the things you really want, to enjoy the things you have.

At the conclusion of my fast, I knew that I needed to keep going – so I signed up for the gym membership and am waiting for the approval today. I also signed up for a 30 day weight loss program called Isagenix so I can shed the additional 15-20 lbs I want to get rid of and change my eating habits to adopt a more healthy lifestyle so I don’t regain all that 35-40 lbs and lose all of my hard work. Isagenix is more than just a weight loss program – it’s a program dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and changing the way that we live – and it’s potentially a way to make money in a place where it seems everyone I see is dealing with the issue of obesity. I was introduced to Isagenix by my sister who lost 15 lbs and has completely rebooted her metabolism and energy levels – in a period of two months she literally looks ten years younger without any sort of plastic surgery or artificial treatments. People who have known her for years stop her and ask “What in the world have you been doing? You look great.” I asked her the same thing and she told me. Then, at the end of my fast, I asked her how I could do the same thing.

I”m excited about it. All of the research I’ve done makes me even more excited. These are healthy products that get results. I’ll keep you updated about my results.

Obesity and Master Cleansing

Here’s something interesting – since coming to the USA I’ve gained nearly 30 pounds. That’s in 1 year and 7 months – I went to the doctor the other day and she informed me that I was officially obese. It wasn’t really a surprise – I’d felt the change in the way my clothes felt, my body felt, and my face and belly looked in the mirror. I’d mentioned it to my wife several times “I think I’m getting fat” and like a good husband she would insist “Ridiculous, so and so is fat and you aren’t anywhere near that guy – you’re not fat” It felt nice, but I knew the truth deep down under my new layer of blubber – I was fat. I was obese.

Lots of things contributed to my new found obesity. American food for one – in Morocco and Turkey we were eating fresh vegetables, a fair amount of chicken, and sometimes some lamb or beef. The vegetables in the USA just don’t have the same satisfaction as those in Europe, Asia, Africa or even Hawaii- I’ve noticed that we eat more and don’t feel satisfied. I suspect that’s because of genetic modifications and chemical additives in processed foods – mind you, we don’t eat a lot of processed food. Our USA diet consists of vegetables, a lot of chicken, and sometimes beef or lamb – but also we will sometimes have Macaroni and Cheese or frozen pizza – we are far from fast food junkies but we do sometimes grab a burger and fries or hit taco bell if we are out of town (there’s not one here in Reedsport)…I really think that the additives in those portions of processed food have been affecting us on a cellular level. Then there are portion sizes – food in the USA is just bigger – all the way around it’s bigger. And then there is dessert – in Morocco – ice cream was a treat, cookies were for special occaisions and there just wasn’t all that much candy around – I’ve got a sweet tooth, I always have. In Morocco I would sometimes buy a bag of candy and gobble it all down in a sitting – I’ve done that here too, but there has really been something different about it.

Then there is movement – we didn’t have a car in the other places we lived…here, in the USA, you have to have a car unless you live in an urban area which we don’t. We no longer walk – not even the walks to the Souk – part of it is that there really isn’t very much interesting to see here – I have to admit, we moved to a boring little town and everytime I take a walk I run into the town scumbags. We have bikes but the same thing applies – last time I took a bike ride I made it about two blocks before having a confrontation with annoying little shitheads in the park – you may remember that story. And – we have opened a business which requires me to sit around most of the time – I earn our living either working on the computer or selling things from our shop. It was funny – in this past year when I would start an excercise routine or a change of diet – something would come along and siderail it – I suppose that’s normal when you have a wife and young child – but it wasn’t just that – I was on a nice running regimen and injured my ankle – that healed and I began a morning run on the beach (which I had to drive to) where the sand was mellower on my ankles and knees and then our car died (and we didn’t have the cashola to fix it). I started waking up early to do yoga but the earlier I woke up the earlier my daughter woke up and she wouldn’t let me do the downward dog (or anythng else). I know excuses – the currency of fat people, the lament of the obese.

So there it is – I became fat because I became undisciplined in my portions, diet, and excercise. Time for a reset. My reset is a 10-day master cleanse lemonade detox diet.

I’m on Day 6 right now. I’ve done the master cleanse several times before – the first time it was perhaps the hardest thing I’d ever done. For those who don’t know here is the skinny on this –

Over the course of 10 days you eat no food. You can drink as much water as you want and have approx 6 cups of lemonade made with 2 tbsp fresh organic lemon juice, 2 tbsp organic grade B maples syrup, 1/10th tsp of cayenne pepper, and pure water. So, I haven’t eaten in six days.

The second time I did the master cleanse I was in University working on a heavy course load and I have to admit – when I’m fasting I have a much higher level of clarity than when I am not. That fast was difficult but not as hard as the first time. I lived alone and was single and emptied my cupboards and fridge before I did the fast. That was back in 2008.

I’ve tried a couple of master cleanse fasts since then – but living abroad I had a hard time finding maple syrup of the right quality – shortly after moving to the USA I attempted a master cleanse and failed – it just wasn’t going to happen – my wife and I were both going through our own versions of culture shock and my head just couldn’t stick with it.

This time though – the house is full of food, my wife and daughter are eating their meals, and here’s the thing – I haven’t eaten in six days but for some reason this is easy. I wonder if my body is just feeding on my blubber and that’s why I don’t feel sharp hunger pains, psychologically it’s easy too – maybe because of that visit to the doctor, that moment of realizing I had just crossed the line into the land of my countrymen, the nation of the obese. I don’t know.

I do know that this is my reset button. At the end of this fast I will no longer be obese (actually, even as I write this I’ve gone back to not obese – I’ve lost over ten pounds in six days) but as with all crash diets – that weight will easily come back if I don’t change the way I do things. So, I’m going to change a few things…

After this master cleanse I am going to regulate my portions more closely, I will avoid sweets and processed foods (most of the time), and most importantly I am going to make excercise an essential on a daily basis. I want to feel good and to live an enjoyable life – that’s hard enough to do without being obese. Don’t you think?