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I've uploaded most of the books I've written to The Internet Archive where you can access and download them for free. I've never really written for money except when I was doing contract writing as either a commercial copywriter, a ghostwriter, or in one case when I wrote two semesters worth of papers for a rich kid in college that couldn't be bothered or wasn't able to do the work but had a trust fund and was willing to pay me to do it. He got A's. That's how it goes. While I've always had the dream of getting rich from my novel and book writing (or at least making a living at it), I don't have the patience or the time to go to publisher after publisher trying to convince them I've written a book that can be profitable. I've written books. I think some of them are particularly good. Here they are. If you enjoy them, then I have fulfilled some purpose in life.

Books Written
Books Recommended

This is not really a possible list for me to make exhaustively. I've read so many books and been affected by so many. Certainly I've forgotten far more than I remember. With that in mind, I'll list some of those that had the greatest impact. I'll try to limit it to one book per author but in general, if I list a book - all of the books by that author are probably worth reading. There may be exceptions to that rule...

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