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I am a writer, a husband, a father, a traveler and a geeky entrepreneur. Ultimately, my goal is to have all those labels fall together into my perfect lifestyle with each one complementing the other. I live in Honolulu, Hawaii.

I want to meet conspirators, collaborators, collectivists, and active busy cool people who want to share projects,  or just do awesome fun things together and change the world.

I’m a kayaker, hiker, almost can-surfer, traveler, husband,  father, and web geek.

I co-created an astoundingly cute daughter. She is my proudest creation.

You’ll find my ego very present in the earlier posts (and probably still now but hopefully not as much) but a word to the wise – my ego has only gotten me in trouble, so I’m trying to leave it behind. I was born in the Pacific Northwest, My wife was born in Morocco, our daughter was made in Turkey in our joint US-Moroccan partnership. We’ve traveled across the world together and now we live in Honolulu.

We owned a little antique store and published a little paper in Reedsport, Oregon for three years. Our lives have changed quite a bit since we came to the USA in 2013.

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